Personalized Learning

Learning experiences can be individualized, differentiated, or personalized.  In an environment that is fully personalized, the learning objectives, and content as well as the method and pace may all vary.

Learning Objectives

The learner will explain how individualized instruction impacts the graduation rate.

The learner will explain how blended instruction and personalized learning can be used to provide individualized learning opportunities.

The learners will describe how personalized learning can be utilized to motivate students in regular schools.

The learners will investigate the barriers of preparation and management and how technology can be harnessed as a solution.

The learner will explain the differences between differentiated instruction, individualized learning, and personalized learning.

The learner will transform a whole group lesson into a personalized learning lesson.

Instructed By: Dr. Sandy Addis

Est. Time: 03:00 hrs

Introduction: Play Video