Active Learning

Active learning embraces teaching and learning strategies that engage and involve students in the learning process. Students find new and creative ways to solve problems, achieve success, and become lifelong learners when educators show them that there are different ways to learn.

Learning Objectives

The learner will differentiate between active learning and passive learning by citing characteristics of both.

The learner will create a 1–2-minute video demonstrating active learning in a classroom setting.

The learner will design a classroom in which active learning is the norm and explain their design.

The learner will redesign a lesson plan containing passive learning activities to one utilizing active learning activities.

The learner will explain how active learning prepares students to be college and career ready upon graduation.

The learner will explain how active learning in classrooms increases a school’s graduation rate.

Course Info

Instructed By: Dr. Sandy Addis

Est. Time: 02:50 hrs

Introduction: Play Video