School-Community Collaboration

This strategy focuses on the power of an engaged and responsive community where everyone in the community is accountable for the quality of education, resulting in a caring and collaborative environment where youth can thrive and achieve. Critical elements of this type of collaboration rely on effective, ongoing, multidimensional communication so that dropout prevention is a community-wide and ongoing effort.

Learning Objectives

The learner will explain how school-community collaboration impacts graduation rates.

The learner will create a series of steps involved in bringing schools and communities together.

The learner will develop a plan for local school-community collaboration to promote high school graduation and preparation for college and career.

The learner will design an invitation and an agenda for a collaborative meeting of community stakeholders.

The learner will design a graduation motto that local community and school stakeholders would most-likely support.

The learner will explore a model of successful school-community collaboration and retell their story of success in a short video.

Est. Time: 02:45 hrs

Introduction: Play Video