Service learning connects meaningful community service experiences with academic learning. This teaching/learning method promotes personal and social growth, career development, and civic responsibility and can be a powerful vehicle for effective school reform at all grade levels.

Learning Objectives

The learner will define service learning and explain how it impacts the graduation rate.

The learner will explain the importance of student choice and voice as part of service-learning.

The learner will describe the essential components of a successful and motivating service-learning program.

The learner will explore at least 1 model service-learning program and explain how it benefits students.

The learner will design a service-learning program for a local school based on a community need.

The learner will determine a variety of measures that can be utilized in analyzing the impact of a service-learning project.

Instructed By: Dr. Sandy Addis

Est. Time: 02:45 hrs

Introduction: Play Video