15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention Overview Course

National Dropout Prevention Center’s 15 Effective Strategies to increasing the graduation rate are based on the center’s 30 years of research. Recognized nationally and internationally, these strategies, when applied in a strategic manner, have increased graduation rates in districts around the country. This course provides an overview and introduction to those 15 Effective Strategies

Learning Objectives
The learner will explain how the 15 strategies work together to increase the graduation rate.

The learner will explain why having the Foundational Strategies in place are important to the success of the other strategies.

The learner will give examples of each of the 15 strategies.

The learner will rate the success of his/her school or district with implementation of the 15 strategies.

The learner will determine some specific key elements in the successful implementation of each strategy.

Instructed By: Dr. Sandy Addis

Est. Time: 05:00 hrs

Introduction: Play Video