Educational Technology

Instructional technology can effectively enhance and transform teaching and learning while engaging students in meaningful, current, and authentic efforts; addressing multiple intelligences, and adapting to students’ learning styles. Technology can be utilized to differentiate and individualize instruction based on specific student needs. The effective use of technology also includes transformational teaching approaches such as flipped and blended learning as appropriate. These approaches further prepare students for college and careers that will require them to acquire information to make decisions and solve problems.

Learning Objectives

The learner will explain how utilizing technology to enhance instruction and engage students can impact the graduation rate.

The learner will transform a mundane lesson plan into an engaging one with at least one educational technology tool or app.

The learner will address a chosen technology implementation barrier by proposing a solution.

The learner will choose a technology app that enhances student engagement, utilize it in the classroom, and reflect on the observed student engagement impact.

The learner will create a plan to continue learning and using one educational technology tool or app every two months that will positively impact student engagement.

The learner will illustrate and explain SAMR and its importance in utilizing educational technology in the classroom.

The learner will explain how blended and flipped learning can benefit student engagement and academic achievement.

Instructed By: Dr. Sandy Addis

Est. Time: 02:30 hrs

Introduction: Play Video